Dave STewart and RIngo Starr

Ringo Starr will be celebrating his 76th birthday with friends and fans outside the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood for the third year running next month (Jul16).
The former Beatles star annually urges fans to join him for a ‘Peace and Love’ salute at noon wherever they are on his birthday, and this year he’ll be joined his wife Barbara Bach and pals Dave Stewart and Jon Stevens.
Ringo is inviting everyone around the world to think or say ‘Peace & Love’ or share the #PeaceandLove hashtag at noon on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
His own celebration in Los Angeles will be streamed live on Ringo’s Facebook page.
The annual tradition began in 2008 after Starr was asked what he wanted for his birthday, and replied, “More peace and love. That is something you can’t have too much of.”
That July he staged the first Peace and Love event in Chicago, Illinois. Since then he has also held Peace & Love events in New York City, Hamburg, Nashville, and Los Angeles.
His hope is the positive energy released by fans all around the world on his birthday will affect change and bring about peace and love in areas of the world where it’s needed.

Watch RIngo’s video here