In 1995, Dave Stewart featured heavily in this computer magazine called CD-ROM Magazine.  What made this magazine unique at the time was its monthly Interactive CD that accompanied the publication.  At the time, to produce something like this each month was an amazing feat of technology, something that Dave addressed in his interviews.  We’ve manged to extract the videos from this disc for the first time and present the full interview to you here, along with the magazine and printed interview and pictures of the CD itself.  This is actually an incredibly rare item to find these days, rarely do these magazines and CD’s stay together.

The CD as mentioned was highly interactive and started in a 360 room, and you span around to choose the room you wanted to go through, i’ve edited together the movie below as best as we can to replicate the user experience in using the CD ROM.  Dave talks about technology as a whole, the lack of understanding people have of it, and how empty it can be, along with various projects, including TVP and a concept he had called The Art Directive.