Following on from the success of Poll 101 where we asked readers to rank their favourite 101 Eurythmics songs from a short list of 163, we are pleased to announce A 100 Beautiful Songs, celebrating the solo works of Annie Lennox.


Ranking songs and having varying open opinions on them is hard. On one hand, they are like our family, as many of us have lived with them for so long. As we begin delving into the solo work of Annie Lennox, master singer, songwriter, producer, humanitarian, and a living icon, we will face these same challenges.

This Poll is so exciting because of the massive diversity of the work we will be revisiting, listening to, exploring, perhaps for the first time. With original albums, cover albums, countless collaborations and live material, we are in for a treat….and a hard road in ranking this very diverse body of work. How does a Christmas song compare to a one off performance with the late Aretha Franklin, for example.


As we found in the last Poll, the first 30 to 40 songs are pretty set to us each individually, but going to 100 is no easy task, not even for a most experienced listener.

We just ask that each song is judged on it’s own merits to you. That you listen to the unfamiliar, which has taken a long time to pull together. And that you enjoy the process. If it gets frustrating, put your playlist on another artist and revisit later. Don’t be afraid to rethink your top 20. You might be surprised.

Annie has given us challenging music since the 70s, (yes, the 70s) and now we challenge you to listen with open hearts, open ears, and most importantly, open minds.

We have already started with warm up polls, and are preparing for the our first ever championship for very, very deep cuts, (‘The Shining Lights’), amoung other fun polls, discussion and comradeship…we Administrators are very much looking forward to doing this again, that said, let the Poll commence!

From the menu you can view audio and video for almost every song that we have in the poll.  You can also view and download the full list.

Submission details will follow soon.

A big thank you to DJ Paul for the outstanding transfer of the Lee Fardon 7″ tracks, more about him here: https://burningtheground.net/about/