Anxious Records Discography: Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer

Dave Stewart & Candy Dulfer's Biography


Title : Lily Was Here (02/1990)

ZK 74233Lily Was Here
The Pink Building
Lily Robs The Bank
Toyshop Robbers
Toys On The Sidewalk
The Good Hotel
Second Chance
Here Comes The Rain Again
Alone In The City
Toyshop (Part One)
The Coffin
Inside The Pink Building
Percussion Jam
Lily Was Here (Reprise)

ZL 74233

ZD 74233
Title : Lily Was Here (02/1990)

ZB43045Lily Was Here
Lily Robs The Bank

ZT43045Lily Was Here (Space Centre Mix)
Lily Was Here(Orbital Space Lab Mix)
Lily Robs The Bank

ZD43046Lily Was Here
Lily Was Here (Space Centre Medical Unit Hum)
Lily Robs The Bank
ZK43046Lily Was Here
Lily Robs The Bank

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