Starting later today, we’ll be launching our Ultimate Eurythmics Magazine Archive

Each day for at least the next year, we will be posting details on 1 magazine feature or article a day from our archives.

We have over 600 magazines listed in an archive now, and for over 300 of them, we have full detailed scans.

This has been an ambitious project that is finally going to see the light of day, but we know there will be many gaps.

The posts themselves will appear on our Facebook Page here and once we have published all of the archives for a year, we will launch a page on the website with them all embedded, then all I ask is that you guys fill the gaps!

We’ll be posting in chornological order with 1979 as the start year, unfortunately we’ve not really been able to track down anything earlier for Dave’s work with Longdancer, other than a few gig adverts, but thats a whole new gallery!

To add to the list or submit scans, just email and we’ll get your items added to the database.

Sit back and enjoy, I hope you discover something new along the way.


Ultimate Eurythmics Magazine Archives - Eurythmics - Dave Stewart - Annie Lennox