Dave STewart - Thomas LindseyPhoto by Michelle Shiers

You never quite know what to expect with a Dave Stewart and Friends show in Los Angeles, and DAve’s show earlier this week certainly did not disappoint.

There are some great reviews at The Examiner and American Songwriter

Dave Stewart & Friends Featuring Hollie Stephenson, Molly Tuttle & Thomas Lindsey

Here’s an excerpt from The American Songwriter:

“It was a momentous night for many reasons, including the second official American performance of soul wunderkind Hollie Stephenson, and the new debut of the amazing guitarist-singer Molly Tuttle. Not to mention a tremendously spirited show by Dave Stewart, bringing new classics such as “Beast of Fame” with older ones, like “Sweet Dreams Are Made of these”  and “Here Comes The Rain Again” with a band of stellar musicians.

But the big revelation of the night was the performance by Thomas Lindsey, Dave’s most recent discovery, a singer from DeRidder, Louisiana who is simply phenomenal, possessing an ethereal yet powerful voice unlike any other. First of all – the range – the man sings in that angelic  high range where Aaron Neville resides, not falsetto but full belting voice, yet with  a bluesy edge and vigor all his own. When he started wailing on the first song he sang, “Leave This Town,” the crowd was stunned. It was a new sound , rich in Southern resonance and deep blues, but all about now. “27 years of misery,” he sings from a well of soul so deep as to be startling, and ideally compounded by Dave on razor-sharp electric slide guitar. Pure, electric passion.

They soared through several new songs that they wrote and recorded as the newly-dubbed duo of Stewart & Lindsey, and as Dave, who Dylan has called a “fearless” guitarist, played stinging guitar leads as Thomas whirled and danced onstage, summoning the old Delta ghosts of blues and soul. Even when doing sad songs (“maybe the saddest song ever,” Dave announced)  such as “Friendzone,” it was a joyous performance, the arrival of a brand new star on the scene, fully formed”

The concert saw Hollie Stephenson make her second US appearance as the opening act. Dave also showcased his new project with Thomas Lindsey, as well as Molly Tuttle. Kaya also made another appearance and took lead vocals in the Eurythmics show closer When The Day Goes Down.

Backed by a powerhouse of a band that included Jimmy Z on sax, Lee Thornburg on trumpet, Ann Marie Calhoun on violin, guitar by Neil Swanson, Randy Cooke on drums, and Mike Bradford on bass.

Here’s the setlist from the evening:

A Beast Called Fame
Gypsy Girl and Me
So Long Ago
Mind Games
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Molly Tuttle)
Leave This Town (With Thomas Lindsey)
Friend Zone (With Thomas Lindsey)
When Dogs Run (With Thomas Lindsey)
Lonely (With Thomas Lindsey)
On Their Own (With Thomas Lindsey)
Sunday Morning (With Hollie Stephenson)
When The Day Goes Down (With Kaya Stewart, Thomas Lindsey and Hollie Stephenson)
Every Single Night
Here Comes The Rain Again
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (with Kaya Stewart)

Michelle Shiers also took a huge number of photographs for Dave which can be viewed here