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Legendary music legend Tom Jones has pipped Robbie Williams by just one vote in a new poll to find which British Pop / Rock star people would most like to have a pint with at the Great British Beer Festival. But who would be your choice?

The survey, commissioned by the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), followed recent news that Katy Perry greeted crowds on tour with a pint of the local brew, which included Fuller’s London Pride and Bank’s Mild in Birmingham. CAMRA wanted to find out which British pop / rock stars could perhaps echo this fine work and help put more British beers on the international map.

13% of the 672 surveyed chose Welsh singer Tom Jones as the person they would most like to have a pint with at next week’s Great British Beer Festival which starts on Tuesday 12th August. Just one vote behind was Robbie Williams, who will be disappointed to have missed out on top spot but also  pleased to have beaten Gary Barlow into third position (10% of the vote). The most popular female was Annie Lennox, who gained 7% of the vote and was positioned 4th.

Age is not an issue when choosing a drinking partner

CAMRA National Chairman Colin Valentine said, “It is great to see Tom Jones at 74 years old top the poll and that age is not an issue when choosing a drinking partner. I am sure Tom would be able to tell some wonderful stories over a pint or two and if he is in London next week then I’d be more than delighted to buy the first round!”

The top 10 results were as follows:

  1. Tom Jones – 13% (90 votes)
  2. Robbie Williams – 13% (89)
  3. Gary Barlow – 10% (68)
  4. Annie Lennox – 7% (47)
  5. Adele – 7% (45)
  6. Paul Weller – 5% (34)
  7. Jessie J – 5% (33)
  8. Noel Gallagher – 5% (32)
  9. Tinie Templah – 5% (30)
  10. Lily Allen – 4% (29)

Colin concluded,“We would be delighted if British Pop and Rock stars echo what Katie Perry did and greet their crowds with a pint of the regional brew to help raise the profile of British brewing.”