As Dave Stewart visits his home town Sunderland for his first ever concert in a venue thats not a pub, we visit his early career.

As most people know, well before The Tourists, Dave Stewart also was a member in a folk band called Longdancer based in Sunderland, they got their lucky break by being one of the first acts to be signed to Elton John’s record label Rocket Records.  We’ve featured a few items in this section before, including 8 track tapes and singles, but this week’s rare record of the week is possibly the rarest Logndancer record of them all.

It is a BBC Top Of The Pops Transcription disc which is are in itself, however, what makes this recording particularly rare is the track “Superstar” that Longdancer used to play live, but never actually made it onto any of their physical releases. It also features 2 other tracks, “Silent Emotion” and “If It Was So Simple”.

This record is valued in the region of £100 – £150

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