We’ve been testing for a couple of weeks now a new This Day In History feature that will appear on our home page on the right hand side of the main content area of eurythmics-ultimate.com  You may have noticed it already pop up from time to time!


We’ve already populated about 100 key dates into the system, but we want a lot more.


So, over to you, is there a significant date in the world of The Tourists, Eurythmics or Annie and Dave’s solo careers that you think we should be featuring?  if so drop us an email to webmaster@eurythmics-ultimate.com with the date (In this format  please YYYY-MM-DD with a brief description of the event.  Feel free to contribute as many as you want to!


If we don’t have anything for a particular day, the column doesnt appear but we hope to have something significant for every day of the year in the future!