Today we present for you a listing of all the know international chart positions for the singles taken from DIVA.  Across the 5 singles, they accounted for 20 Top 10 positions, with No. 1’s in Italay, Canada and the USA.


We will be launching a full chart archive very soon, and this is a taster.  You can sort each of the charts into country order or chart position order just by clicking the heading.



FlagCountryChartPositionYear EndFILTER
AustraliaARIA Singles Chart17A-S-AUS
AustriaSingles Chart11A-S-AUT
CanadaSingles Chart7A-S-CAN
GermanySingles Chart12A-S-GER
IrelandSingles Chart5A-S-IRE
ItalySingles Chart1A-S-ITA
The NetherlandsSingles Chart6A-S-NET
NorwaySingles Chart6A-S-NOR
SwedenSingles Chart10A-S-SWE
SwitzerlandSingles Chart6A-S-SWI
The UKSingles Chart5A-S-UK
The USABillboard US Hot 10034A-S-USA
The USABillboard Adult Contemporary Chart6A-S-USA
AustraliaSingles Chart35E-S-AUS
BelgiumSingles Chart24E-S-BEL
CanadaCanadian Adult Contemporary Chart[2]1E-S-CAN
CanadaSingles Chart21E-S-CAN
FranceSingles Chart45E-S-FRA
GermanySingles Chart56E-S-GER
IrelandSingles Chart17E-S-IRE
ItalySingles Chart16E-S-ITA
JapanSingles Chart16E-S-JAP
The NetherlandsSingles Chart45E-S-NET
PolandSingles Chart39E-S-POL
SwitzerlandSingles Chart30E-S-SWI
The UKSingles Chart25E-S-UK
The USABillboard Hot 10040E-S-USA
The USABillboard Alternative Songs Chart12E-S-USA



FlagCountryChartPositionYear EndFILTER
AustraliaARIA Singles Chart83A-S-AUS
GermanySingles Chart49A-S-GER
ItalySingles Chart14A-S-ITA
The NetherlandsSingles Chart30A-S-NET
SwedenSingles Chart28A-S-SWE
SwitzerlandSingles Chart37A-S-SWI
The UKSingles Chart23A-S-UK


Walking On Broken Glass

FlagCountryChartPositionYear EndFILTER
AustraliaARIA Singles Chart58A-S-AUS
CanadaSingles Chart1A-S-CAN
GermanySingles Chart51A-S-GER
IrelandSingles Chart8A-S-IRE
The NetherlandsSingles Chart61A-S-NET
SwedenSingles Chart31A-S-SWE
The UKSingles Chart8A-S-UK
The USABillboard US Hot 10014A-S-USA
The USABillboard Adult Contemporary Chart6A-S-USA
The USABillboard Pop Song Chart3A-S-USA
The USABillboard Alternative Songs7A-S-USA



FlagCountryChartPositionYear EndFILTER
AustraliaSingles Chart80A-S-AUS
The UKSingles Chart26A-S-UK


Little Bird / Love Song For A Vampire

FlagCountryChartPositionYear EndFILTER