Eurythmics & Annie Lennox Fan and Collector Cameron Carr writes about his time living in London when DIVA was released.  Tanks Cameron!


I was 22 when “Diva” was released.  Do the math: It was almost half my life ago.


So much has happened since then, but when I heard that Annie was releasing her solo debut, I was excited, but cautious about what the songs would be like without Dave’s influence.  We all know what happened next. 


I was inspired, floored, and somehow proud.  Even though I had NOTHING to do with the content or success of “Diva”, I felt like I had a place in those songs, those lyrics, those emotions. 


1992 marks the year that I met Annie for the first time, as well as the year that I moved to London UK for “the experience”.  Once I got there, she surrounded me.  Many moments of my British existence contain memories of “Diva”, and how could they not?


“Bedsit” was a word I had never heard, but there I was, living in one.  This picture was taken in Toronto in 1992, mere weeks before I left the comforts of Canada for an unknown life across the Pond. A time in my life that I will never forget. 


Thank you, Annie, for being such an integral part of my formative years.  Truly, the term “Diva” has never been more deserved.