On Saturday 18th February, 11 members of the original London Cast of Ghost the Musical left the production for pastures new. The cast members leaving were, Laura, Philippa, Adebayo, Emily, Rochelle, Yemie, Michael, Rebecca, Jaygann, Mark Willshire and Mark White. After 275 performances in London each and everyone of them will be missed, and we at eurythmics-ultimate.com wish you good luck for all future productions you appear in. You have helped to form Ghost the Musical into the worldwide hit it is destined to become.

I was fortunate enough to attend both performances on the 18th, and one show could not have had two different performances. The combining factor was tears, tears of laughter at the matinee and tears of sadness in the evening. In a theatre tradition the ‘muck up’ matinee managed to provide numerous funny moments whilst not detracting from the message the show delivers. I have to admit if you have not seen the show before most of the additional choreography and other moments from the performance would not have been noticable as was highlighted at the interval when the couple next to myself and my fellow believer for the day commented, ‘I assume you have seen this before?’ I think our hyaterical laughter and random pointing at the stage gave us away! I walked out of the Piccadilly Theatre having witnessed one of the most enjoyable performances of the show to date.

On to the evening show and last ever for the departing cast. I found myself on the front row of the stalls for this performance for which I am eternally grateful to my fellow believer for arranging, they know how much I will forever love them for that! From my seat, the second the curtain went up I felt I was truly in the show and was sucked into the emotion of the night. Now, I have seen this show far too many times to recall and have formed a great number of friendships with various cast members, so after what I felt was the 2nd best performance I’ve seen the finale was what can be best described as emotional. I know the story and what happens when, but yet I could not help but burst into tears at more than one point in the show, and at the end I was completely gone. The entire cast came on stage for the finale complete with swings which is a rare sight indeed to take their bows and the emotions boiled over with not a dry eye on the stage. A truly emotional night which I will never forget.

The new cast members start their Ghost journey tonight and I wish them all the luck in the world and can’t wait to see them on the 28th of this month for the 1st time. Full details of the new cast members will be up on this site in the next few days.

In addition to the emotions of Saturday night, they continued into Sunday with the annual What’s On Stage theatre awards. The only awards voted for in their entirety by the theatre going public. Ghost triumphed in 3 catagories with Hugh Vanstone winning Best Lighting Design, Rob Howell winning Best Set Design and the big one, our very own Richard Fleeshman winning Best Actor in a Musical. A huge achievement for all at Ghost the Musical and everyone at eurythmics-ultimate.com send out heart felt congratulations.