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For three decades, Dave Stewart has been writing a visceral soundtrack that captures the deep, dark and beautiful emotional sphere we inhabit. A collaborative genius and masterful musical innovator, he is that rare breed of ‘pure artist’, someone who if not writing or making music, is producing the work of his rock star peers like Stevie Nicks and Joss Stone, who he currently touring with for the More Love Tour. Your Girl In Music caught up with Dave this week and you can catch Dave when the More Love Tour stops at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio on February 11th at the Special Events Center. Tickets are available at

When were you first aware music was in your blood?

When I heard a record player for the first time, it was a euphoric experience.

Tell me about the very first song you ever wrote.

It was called “Deep December” and I wrote it with a hyper realist painter (artist).

Are you the kind of rockstar you always pictured yourself being when you first set out to make music or has your vision of yourself as a musician changed?

I’m pretty much the rockstar I imagined except I always thought I would get more sleep.

What has being a musician taught you about yourself or about life?

Not to take things too seriously, I know that on my death bed I won’t be thinking “Oh that was a great business deal I did” or whatever; I’ll be hearing music in my head and seeing the faces of the people I have loved pass in front of me.

What makes a collaboration good, in your opinion?

When each person has a unique talent to bring to the table  and the people involved enjoy the creative process.

Give me some insight into your music and songwriting process.

I just make things up off the top of my head or things just pop in my head, melodies or lyrics. I usually try and write them down so I won’t forget, then when I pull them out I finesse the concept.

What is the strangest thing that’s ever inspired a song?

Joss Stone and I nearly drowning inspired us to write “Beautiful People” for Superheavy.

Which song off your last album, ‘The Blackbird Diaries,” is most significant to you right now?

Magic In The Blues

What excites you about making music?

The infinite possibilities and the fact that once there was nothing and then something unique appears!

Are there any covers of your songs that you love?

Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams.

Which songs from your entire catalog are your favorite to perform today?

Here Comes The Rain Again.

What about the ‘More Love’ tour are you most excited for your fans to experience?

Just seeing the raw power of me and Joss – real musicians at work.

If you were forced to perform Karaoke, what song would you choose?

Walk On The Wild Side

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