We’ve mentioned Dave’s Blackbird Diaries guitar before and shown some beautiful pictures of it, and now in their September newsletter, Duesenberg have revealed details and pricing.

Here’s our original post.

Dave Stewart’s Blackbird

Presenting the Duesenberg Artist Series!

Our first partner is Dave Stewart, mastermind of the Eurythmics who produced or co-produced all of this charismatic band’s albums, and who later – as an established artist – produced the work of many other artists. In 1985, parallel to making the Eurythmics album “Be Yourself Tonight,” Stewart produced none other than the artist Tom Petty, who with the Heartbreakers was recording the album “Southern Accents.” Some of the songs on the album were even co-written with Petty. In the same year, Stewart produced the debut album of Feargal Sharkey, who had a No.1 hit in the UK with “A Good Heart.” Moreover, Stewart earned himself the prize for “Best Producer” at the 1986 BRIT Awards.



In July of 2010, Stewart recorded his solo album “The Blackbird Diaries.” It was made at a studio in Nashville and includes duets with Stevie Nicks, Martina McBride, Colbie Caillat und The Secret Sisters. Stewart documented the recording process on film and included in the footage his December 9th, 2010 live concert at Nashville’s Belcourt Theatre.

In May of this year it was announced that Mick Jagger in collaboration with Dave Stewart would be starting a new super band called Super Heavy, to include also Joss Stone, Damian Marley und A.R. Rahman. The new Super Heavy video also features the Duesenberg Blackbird guitar.

The DAS-DS, an abbreviation for the “Duesenberg Artist Series – Dave Stewart,” is an exclusive version of the Duesenberg Starplayer III. Its most remarkable feature, of course, are the striking graphics, the design of which follows that of Stewart’s new album. Other special features include:

•  Limited production run of 52 worldwide
•  New “Three Steps” fretboard inlays
•  “Artist Series” inlay at fret XII
•  Nickel-plated hardware
•  A tone control knob featuring Dave Stewart’s silhouette
•  The f-hole label signed and numbered by Dave Stewart 
•  Retail price of € 7,595 ($ 11.300) incl. a brown Custom Line case
•  DAS-DS available for October 2011 delivery