Ultimate Eurythmics is pleased to introduce to you our new guest contributor, huge supporter of Ghost The Musical since its opening in Manchester earlier this year, Paul Downham who has seen the show now 12 times.  Here’s Paul’s summary on the twitter activity after last night’s opening performance.  Welcome Paul!


Ghost the Musical has now opened in London’s West End at the Piccadilly Theatre, and by the sounds of the initial feedback it’s going to fit in quite well.


Still only in previews until the 19th July a lot of die hard fans from the Manchester pre West End try out had missed out on tickets for this performance as it was initially scheduled to open 2 days prior on the 22nd.  So the majority of the audience for this opening performance were new to the Ghost experience.


After  seeing this show 12 times myself in Manchester it’s fair to say I know the show inside out however, a number of changes have been made to what I believed was a pretty faultless show in readiness for the London debut.  The one most talked about change was the iconic pottery scene.  Is it a good change or not?  The London audience may not notice a difference but the northern believers may do and will form their own opinions!


Now so what did the audience think of tonight’s show?  Here is a collection of the comments made:-


  • Ghost is amazing!! I am speechless, the sets and cast are brilliant!!


  • That was truly an AMAZING piece of theatre. This a MUST people. So clever and such a talented cast. Can’t pick a favourite bit, was all brilliant! Class!!


  • WoW, Ghost is amazing!! The effects are stunning, I still don’t know how they do some of them.  Worth seeing. Am still trying to work out the illusions, brilliant piece of theatre!


  • Ghost was amazing!  Still took my breath away even after seeing it for the 10th time.  Richard and Caissie are amazing!


  • Ghost was stunning. Best show I have ever seen.  So amazing being there on opening night.  Richard and Caissie are incredible!



Initial reports seem to suggest that the success of Ghost in Manchester has transferred down to London well.  It is the most technically advanced show currently in the West End however, this counts for nothing if the show does not live up to the technology!  I will watch the next 3 weeks very closely to see what additional changes are made before Ghost is presented to worlds press on the 19th July.


I think we can safely say Ghost the Musical has already established itself within the West End community and is looking forward to a long reign at the Piccadilly!


Paul Downham 25th June 2011