According to an update on the Ghost The Musical website, the cast recording is complete and scheduled for release on 18th July, the day before the press preview in London.

No details of the track listing are available yet, but this is a summary of the tracks that are performed in the musical taken from the program in Manchester.

The single “With You” is set for release now officially on 22nd June. Details on download on the Ghost website here


Here Right Now (Sam, Molly and Carl)

Unchained Melody (Sam)

More (Sam, Carl and Ensemble)

Three Little Words (Sam and Molly)

Ball Of Wax (Sam, Hospital ghost, Ensemble)

Are You A Believer (Clara, Louise, Mrs Santiago, Oda Mae)

With You (Molly)

Suspend My Belief / I Had A Life (Molly, Carl, Sam, Ensemble)



Rain / Hold On (Molly, Sam, Ensemble)

Life Turns On A Dime (Carl, Molly, Sam)

Focus (Subway Ghost)

Talkin’ ‘Bout A Miracle (Ensemble)

Nothing Stops Another Day (Molly)

I’m Outta Here (Oda Mae and Ensemble)

Unchained Melody (Reprise) (Sam and Molly)