“Take Your Pain Away” (Eurythmics)

For every aching heart

For every broken soul


When it comes to assist a suffering loved one, appeasing the hurt of body and soul would probably be one of the most wanted powers we’d ask for to the proverbial genie in a bottle: “I would ease the burden that you carry everyday; oh don’t you know I’d find a cure and take your pain away?”.

Until magical skills will be available to the majority of us, the best we can do is guarantee all our support and love: “So give up your worries, they’ll only do your harm; there is no need to be concerned, it’s just a false alarm”.

“Take Your Pain Away” is the seventh song on Revenge.


“In This Town” (Eurythmics)

I’m looking at the world

Looking for a scene

Waiting for a day

Filling in time like I’m digging my own grave


Deadly boredom… sometimes it seems there’s nothing else than this in our days: “I could be anywhere else but here, but the rain won’t let me go; there’s a photograph hanging on my wall of a place I’ve never been to”.

And just when the city seems overwhelmed by a grey cloak of tedium, an outburst of life takes over: “In this town something’s gotta change”.

It’s pretty much up to ourselves: don’t you agree?

“In This Town” is featured on Revenge as the ninth and second last track.

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