In a press release issued by Vanguard Films yesterday, it mentions that Dave Stewart is to be the producer for their new production Alien Rock Band, Dave is no stranger to working with Vanguard as they are the same animation studio that produced Space Chimps to which Dave Stewart contributed to the movie’s soundtrack.

There’s a large number of pre production photos online here, and the official website is currently password protected at

From the Press Release:
John Williams, the original producer of Shrek and President and CEO of Vanguard Films, announced today an overall producing/directing deal with Kung Fu Panda co-director John Stevenson.  In addition, Vanguard has formed a strategic alliance with former Lakeshore International President Peter Rogers’ new company, Moviemill, to arrange financing and distribution for Vanguard’s impressive projects.  Vanguard comes to AFM with an eclectic production slate featuring CG, live action and CG/live action hybrids.

“I’m thrilled that Vanguard’s exciting new range of projects is attracting such top filmmakers and business partners as John Stevenson and Peter Rogers,” says Williams.

Stevenson’s first directing project for Vanguard will be the live action/CGI hybrid Alien Rock Band with musician Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) attached as a producer.  Plot revolves around a garage band from Earth which journeys across the Universe to qualify for a shot at superstardom in an Intergalactic Battle of the Bands. It won’t be easy – the band will have to out-shred four-armed alien guitarists, face-down tentacled, punker octo-drummers, and fight snarling alien monsters – with music as its only weapon.