By David Downs, San Francisco

Fans will be able to get paid for tweeting about their favorite bands, thanks to a new technology demonstrated by Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart, a producer, solo artist and Nokia’s innovation advisor and chief disruption advisor.

Speaking at the Music App Summit of Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live! in San Francisco Tuesday afternoon, Stewart tweeted his desire to be with hanging with the Arcade Fire, instead of talking on-stage at Moscone Center. Then Stewart highlighted “The Arcade Fire” in his tweet and launched a window that uses Nokia natural language search technology to pair the phrase “The Arcade Fire” with ecommerce options like tickets and albums. The purchase of such goods would generate a micropayment to the tweeter, Dave Stewart.

“Every artist [or fan] who has a Facebook, website, web, whatever, sending out these words are enabled. It’s a whole new economy.”

The longtime tech visionary says the service leverages the attention economy to get the artist paid fast. It’s part of his plan to reward rabid fans for sharing, “as opposed to prosecuting them,” referring to the thousands of music lovers have been sued by major record labels for copyright infringement through illegal downloading. Stewart did not have time to go into details about how the technology works, or how much affiliates would get paid for a tweet.

Here’s a picture from Dave’s Twitter updates