At 8.00am this morning Annie Lennox was interviewed by Neil Fox on Magic FM in London. Annie spoke briefly about her Oxfam pop up shop and her concert and the fact that they will be doing it again next year. Annie spoke about her eclectic taste in music, and she cannot understand why people think and artists has to stick to one type of music. Annie has sung these carols on “A Christmas Cornucopia” since she was a child.  She’s had such fun recording it, and in fact she said it was probably her favourite album to record. Annie sees the album as her cultural offering, and the sleevenotes point out how many people there are in the world and the different religions, yet the differences can cause warfare, yet if everyone showed some compassion, love and care things would be so much better, and that is reflected in the carols on the album.

Annie then spoke about “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” and the fact that even now, she has still never met Al Green, and that the technology even then allowed them to record the track. When asked if she would like to meet him, she said she quite liked the fact that she never had.

Part 1

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Part 2

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