The website for Voicestorm has gone live today, and features more details about the concert at The RoundHouse in Camden featuring Annie Lennox, Mel C, Lauren Pritchard and Alice Russell, as well as surprise guests.  Tickets are £40 or £100 for VIP (Not on sale yet).

Visit Voicestorm now at

Established in 1996, Body & Soul is a pioneering charity providing support to children, young people and families living with or closely affected by HIV.

Our mission is to enable members to build positive futures, guiding and supporting each member through the process of learning and personal development. Year after year Body & Soul has enabled an invisible, disadvantaged community to achieve beyond all likely outcomes.

Our vision is a world free of stigma, and prejudice where HIV is no longer discriminated against and where everyone has access to treatment, love and care. This is the soul of the organisation and our reason for being.