Michele Aversa brings you the next in his series of Songs Of The Week.

This week the song Mike has selected is Lost from the Annie Lennox album Songs of Mass Destruction.

This is the sound
of the planes in the night
Coming out of the darkness
And into the light
Shining alarmingly
Curiously bright

Sadly, war is an issue humankind has always been into: millions of soldiers and victims wiped away from the planet like chalk on a fresh clean slate. It’s depressing but yet bitterly ironic to admit that, generations after generations, nothing changes: “Tell me the story ’bout when you were young, I want to hear it again; even the part when the hero gets stung, I want to savour it, I want to play it again”.

And then there are always those little things to defend and cherish, even in this dreadful and irrational world: “This is the sound of a baby’s first breath, the dying of footsteps, the touching of flesh; to hold in your memory, to keep by your chest”.

“Lost” is the seventh track on Songs Of Mass Destruction (2007) and was also used as the ending theme of the movie “In The Valley Of Elah”, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron.