Review by David Holden & Craig Hogan

After the success of the live gig at the Underbelly last year, Shakespears Sister have returned with a new album and UK tour to promote it.  Last night saw Siobhan and Company performing in the elegant 1920’s decadence of the Bloomsbury Ballroom.

Support act Nadine Shah warmed the responsive crowd up with a selection of songs described by herself as “morbid, sombre tales unrequited love”.  Nadine left the stage to loud applause with the crowd eagerly anticipating the arrival of Shakespears Sister.

A spoken intro by Bette Davis was played as the band minus Siobhan took to the stage and started the introduction toHeroine.  A few bars in and Siobhan arrived on stage looking every inch the star in silver catsuit and 20’s headdress perfectly fitting the art deco surround.  The crowd pleasing opener was followed by “Goodbye Cruel World” and then straight into “Bad Blood” and then current single “It’s A Trip” from the new album Songs from the Red Room.

We were then treated to a selection of songs from the four Shakespears Sister albums.  Siobhan was in fine voice and seemed relaxed and confident and the band performed a tight, well-rehearsed set on home turf.  The set was rounded off with Your History (in which there was some stage antics with Gully pushing Siobhan away from the front of the stage), “Hello (Turn Your Radio On)” and finally “Really Saying Something”,which seems to be played as a given on the tour.

By performing a variety of material both old and new, the band were able to prevent falling into the nostaliga bracket and proved they had something relevant and interesting to say.  The response from the crowd certainly demonstrated that for many people Shakespears Sister never went away, and as Siobhan quite rightly said during the show “I’m back “.

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