IMGP0181Well what a night we had at the Underbelly on Friday, a few the regulars at the London gigs couldnt resist the chance to see Shakespears Sister in concert again, I never saw them as the one gig i had tickets for was cancelled, so was really intrigued to see what sort of show Siobhan and her band would put on.

Firstly the Underbelly is an incredibly intimate venue, and anyone more than four or five rows back wouldnt have seen much as the stage was the same level as the audience, but those who could only hear the concert were not disappointed.  The band produced an superb tight punchy sound that delivered the old favourites as we remeber them, but gave the songs from the new album, Songs From The Red Room a real modern sounding twist.  I was ready to hear a set made up of mainly new tracks, but it was actually the opposite and the crowd really quickly got into the vibe, well how could you not when they opened with Heroine.
So for everyone wanting to see what Shakespears Sister performed, here’s the setlist:

Heroine,  Goodbye Cruel World,  Pulsatron,  Hot Room,  Man In Uniform,  Oppertunity Knockers,  Someone Else’s Girl,  Bitter Pill ,  It’s A Trip,  I Don’t Care,  You’re History,  Hello,  Excuse Me John.

It was great to see Django, Siobahn and Dave Stewart’s son in the audience, in fact right at the front for a while enjoying himself, must be great seeing your parents perform like this.  Siobhan gave out a lot of energy, and i have to say, i think she has beaten Annie in the scary eyes competition.

There was  also a small amount of merchandise for sale, autographed CD’s, a t-shirt, and a limited 100 edition signed poster, all the pictures are in the gallery below.  Pictures are all (C) David Holden and are not to be used without permission.

 Some kind fan has also posted a video of Goodbye Cruel World, which is below, at least you can get a taste of what the concert was like.  Welcome back Shakespears Sister, now get the tour announced!