Bradley01When Bradley Stephens greeted me at the door of the darkest, hippest bedroom I’ve seen in ages, it struck me that Annie Lennox, the Scottish singer and activist who inspired this room, might have the perfect expression for her energy here. And, share the fantasy of mother-of-pearl wall covering by Maya Romanoff on the doors, plus a rock-star mica ceiling that it takes a while to see amid and all the pink neonness of the sculpture above the bed.

Since I love nothing more than fabulous drapery, here’s one that sang out to me. Stephens gathered Holland & Sherry men’s plaid cashmere and wool fabric across a rod and pulled towards the center to serve as a backdrop for the bed. It is edged it with wooden-bead fringe. A black, sheer under- drapery — with integral ruffles — peeks out like a petticoat at each side. The fabric  is  Sahco’s Cha Cha.