The Williams Brothers

Dave is credited on The Willaims Brothers slef titled album

BIOGRAPHY Singing brothers Andy and David Williams first enetered the public eye as guests on their Uncle, Andy Williams' TV show in the early '70s. After a picture of them ran in a teen magazine, the identical twins began to get fan mail It wasn't long before they became teenage cover boys at both 16 and Tiger Beat magazines. Born February 22, 1959, talented singers, The Williams Brothers recorded two albums as teens ("Meet Andy and David Williams" and "One More Time") in addition to appearing on their Uncle's TV show soundtrack albums. Their single-only release, "What's Your Name," a cover of the 1963 Don and Juan hit, managed to make it to #92 on the Billboard Hot 100 after a guest appearance on "The Partridge Family" where they sang the flip-side, "Say It Again." Produced by Mike Curb, Michael Lloyd and Dan Costa, the single was released on Uncle Andy's record label, Barnaby in 1974. Though The Williams Brothers were fave raves in the U.S., their English fans were a little more demonstrative, and gave the duo a frezied welcome at London's Heathrow Airport replete with screaming, crying and shirt-ripping. Always in control of their career, Andy and David decided to lay low after turning 16, being tired of the whole idol experience. Intending on continuing with music, they concentrated on studying their craft before re-emerging on the pop scene as adults. Andy and David played in the L.A. club scene as ""The Williams Brothers," signing to Warner Brothers Records in 1987. The first LP, "Two Stories" missed thepop radar, though the follow-up. "The Williams Brothers" offered the wonderful hit, "Can't Cry Hard Enough" in 1991. The third and final Warner LP was the inspired "Harmony Hotel." though critically lauded, the label dropped them. WHERE ARE THE NOW? Both Andrew (as he now prefers) and David remain very active in the recording business as songwriters, players and producers. Their names have been connected with such luminaries as T-Bone Burnett, Peter Case (of the Plimsouls), Victoria Williams. Suzanne Vega.

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