Robert Görl

Annie Lennox contributed to several of Robert Gorl's songs from his solo album, introduced to each other by Conny Plank. It is fairly well known that Robert and Annie had a relationship with each other. Robert is also credited for playing drums on the Euyrthmics single Belinda.

Robert Görl`s first musical appearance was that of a "Trumpetplayer"12 year old Robert Görl won a watch by playing "O Sole Mio" very well. About one year later Robert switched to Drums (reasons unknown). After 3 years of practising the drums in a second world war bunker, located in his hometown munich, Robert was introduced to the legendary drummer Freddy Brocksieper. Freddy Brocksieper agreed to teach Robert Görl and a year later he suggested Robert to study drums on a State Base (Music-Conservatory). 1974-1976 Leopold Mozart Conservatory (Augsburg). First contact with Opera and Balletmusic. 1976-1978 Highschool for Music (Graz/Austria). Studies towards modern music and first live shows with several jazz ensembles in Austria. Summer 1978: Robert took a break from all his studies and went to London. In London he was able to watch the upcoming Punk movement. "Punk gave me the right kick for my own musical developement" (Robert Görl). Autumn 1978: Robert went back to Germany and a very special and successful time for him and his music was about to come - Robert Görl met Gabi Delgado - Location: a Punk club called "Ratinger Hof" in Düsseldorf. First rehearsels together with Gabi in the basement of the Ratinger Hof. D.A.F. (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft) was born: After a few live appearances in the Duesseldorf area (the Kraut really liked it - except the record companies) D.A.F. moved to England with the aim to make it there - it worked. Daniel Miller (Mute Records) finally produced the first D.A.F. single "Kebapträume". About two years later D.A.F signed a major record deal with Virgin records. D.A.F. produced six albums from end of 1978 - 1986: PRODUKT DER D.A.F. / DIE KLEINEN UND DIE BÖSEN / ALLES IST GUT / GOLD UND LIEBE / FÜR IMMER / FIRST STEP TO HEAVEN Albums # 3./4./5. were produced by the famous Conny Plank. With the song # 2 - side a on the third album D.A.F. hit the nerve of the scene and the media: "DER MUSSOLINI". The hardcore electronic sound combined with those provocative words became a topseller. D.A.F.: "Yes, we play with fire in our hands and we don´t like taboos". Quite at the peak of their success, including two sold out European tours, D.A.F. finally split up. ROBERT GÖRL SOLO: Between the 5th and 6th D.A.F. album the act had a first - not final split - it was in 1984. In this year Robert made his first solo album together with Annie Lennox (Eurhythmics) called "NIGHT FULL OF TENSION", produced by Mike Hedges in South England which became quite a seller in the U.S. Also in 1984 Robert studied acting for one semester in New York at Stella Adler Conservatory. 1985: Robert and Gaby found together again to produce the album "FIRST STEP TO HEAVEN" and the famous "BROTHERS" Maxi Single (a pre-house creation), but D.A.F. split up again. The second solo start in 1986 was different. Robert left for Paris and his world became very privat. No record company. No studio deal. No touring. No interviews. Just a small keyboard to keep in touch with music. One year later (1987) Robert moved to England. In his pocket seven demo songs from Paris and the intention to make a second solo album. It didn´t happen. Two years went by and those songs stayed demo. Januar 1989: A new chapter opend up for Robert Görl. A rather heavy car-crash brought him into the hospital and into the spiritual world of Buddha. 1989 - 1992: Robert spent a lot of time by studying the teaching of the Buddha and travelling to Asia. Summer 1992: After a return from Asia Robert met DJ Good Groove and Kotai and together with them Robert started again. The new platform: Disko B. The result: Robert Görl´s first release after seven years. PSYCHO EP 12" DB08 1993 / THERAPIE 2x12" DB23 1993 / (PSYCHO)THERAPIE CD DB23CD 1994 Now Robert returned to stage to perform at such places like Mayday, Ultraschall (Munich), Save the Robots (New York)....HAPPY GATHERING 12" DB33 1995 when will Robert become a monk? Back to the studio. Another great

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