Matt Irving

Matt Irving was a member of the band Longdancer, with songwriting, vocal and guitar credits on 11 Longdancer tracks from the Trailer For A Good Life album .

Born in Scotland, Matt showed a great interest in music from an early age and it wasn't long before he was playing keyboard's, bass guitar and accordian. In 1967, he moved to London with the Dream Police (later renamed The Crocodiles) as their keyboard player. He then went onto join the much underrated band Longdancer and after about a year, he joined The Babies. Throughout the mid-seventies playing mainly bass guitar, Matt toured the U.K. and Europe with several American acts including Ann Peebles and Eddie Holman and The Times. Matt;s next venture was the Zaine Griff band. On leaving them he went on to form Special Branch with ex-MMEB guitarist Dave Flett. Matt was also quite heavily involved in the recording studio as a writer and musician with various artists such as French singer Sapho, Philip Rambow, The Lords Of The New Church and Anthony More, plus one of his own projects, The Vampire Bats. In 1981 he joined the Earth Band. In the studio Matt played both bass and guitar with the band and was the band's programming expert.

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