Daryl Hall

Dave has writted and produced on a number of Tracks from Hall and Oates

Musician, known for being part of the 70s and 80s duo, Hall & Oates. John Oates and Daryl Hall combined their talents to produce such hits as "Maneater," "Rich Girl" and "No Can Do." A musician from Philadelphia, Daryl Hall attended Temple University where he met future partner John Oates. They played together for a short time in the late 60s, until John Oates decided to transfer schools. Daryl Hall did not let this discourage his musical career though and he began playing with the rock group Gulliver. The band produced one album on the Elektra label before disbanding. Daryl Hall then became a back-up musician. Upon John Oates return to Philadelphia in 1972, the two got back together and formed the band Hall & Oates. Hall & Oates performed folk rock tunes, most of which placed on the musical charts. Tommy Mottola became the group's manager and got them a contract on the Atlantic record label. Tommy Mottola was also responsible for signing Mariah Carey to the Atlantic label in the 80s. The group's first album, Whole Oates, was released in 1972. The duet changed their style on their 1974 War Babies album to a harder rock sound but based on the success of the album the two disregarded the sound and went back to pop-rock. Hall & Oates left Philadelphia for New York in 1976. They signed with RCA and produced their first Top 10 hit, "Sara Smile," in 1976. The group achieved their first hit single "Rich Girl" with the 1976 album Bigger Than the Both of Us. It was this recording that led Hall & Oates to achieve the success and fame they enjoy today. Before continuing to record more albums and hits, the two decided to refine their sound in the late 70s. Their songs began to sound more like rock, with more guitar solos. It wasn't until 1980 that Hall & Oates produced another successful album. The album, Voices, rendered such hits as "You Lost That Lovin' Feeling," "Kiss On My List" and "You Make My Dreams." The 80s saw Hall & Oates producing many albums including Private Eyes and H2O which became a double platinum success for the duo. Because of all their chart-topping hits, by 1984 Hall & Oates became the most chart-topping duo in history, topping the folk 60s popular duo, the Everly Brothers. Their 1984 album, Big Bam Boom sold more than two million copies and produced four hit singles. Hall & Oates received the American Music Award for favorite pop group, also in 1984. Despite the outrageous success of the band, Hall & Oates disbanded. Both Daryl Hall and John Oates pursued solo careers only to reunite in 1988 for the album Ooh Yeah! In the 90s Hall & Oates maintain a low image. The duo tours and in 1997 produced Marigold Sky, an album which has been just as successful as their first album

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