Brenda Davies

Dave produced and played on Brenda's Spiritual album Just Be

Brenda was born in a tiny village in the north-east of England, and has come a long way since then, although her roots in that area remain deep and strong. Having felt 'different' for as long as she can remember, it's not surprising that her work has been somewhat different too, and that it has taken her across several continents and more than a couple of careers. Although her first love within medicine had been surgery, she decided upon a change to psychiatry after a depressive illness over twenty years ago, which she rates as one of the great gifts of her life. As a consultant psychiatrist she has had a huge practice, initially within the National Health Service and later in the private sector. She has held the posts of Medical Director, Director of Clinical Development, Director of Services for Women, and Director of Acute Services at a variety of hospitals in the south of England and London. A spiritual healer first and foremost, Brenda has combined the ancient and the modern, east and west, orthodox and complementary, in her busy practice, and over the years developed a method of working with people which allows them to be active partners in their healing, and to use their body, mind and soul to their utmost to become 'the best that they can be'. This method became known as The Rainbow Journey, and was the subject of her first book. Brenda is a member of the International Healing and Psychotherapy Group, and the Doctor Healer Network. She has also been involved as an adviser in the setting up of a Doctor Healer Network in Germany and Australia. Brenda believes strongly that if we provide for ourselves, and others if necessary, the essential elements of good living - clean air, clean water, good food, regular detoxification - physically, emotionally and spiritually, clothing and shelter and some form of spiritual practice, while being of service to others, and protecting the planet and those creatures that share it with us, then we can truly become the best that we can be, and take up our rightful place as citizens of the universe. The mother of two adult children, and a grandmother, Brenda travels the world teaching workshops, addressing conferences and seminars, and seeing people for individual care. She has had five books published in the last seven years, and is currently writing her first novel.

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