Eurythmics – The Tourists – Dave Stewart – Annie Lennox Chart Information For The UK

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FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
ALBUMLuminous BasementAlbum Chart75
ALBUMReality EffectAlbum Chart23
ALBUMThe TouristsAlbum Chart72

FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLESBlind Among The FlowersSingles Chart52
SINGLESDon't Say I Told You SoSingles Chart40
SINGLESI Only Want To Be With YouSingles Chart4
SINGLESSo Good To Be Back Home AgainSingles Chart8
SINGLESThe Loneliest Man In The WorldSingles Chart32
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
ALBUM1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)Album Chart23
ALBUMBe Yourself TonightAlbum Chart3
ALBUMGreatest HitsAlbum Chart1
ALBUMLive 1983-1989Album Chart22
ALBUMPeaceAlbum Chart475
ALBUMRevengeAlbum Chart310
ALBUMSavageAlbum Chart785
ALBUMSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Album Chart3
ALBUMTouchAlbum Chart1
ALBUMTouch DanceAlbum Chart31
ALBUMThe Ultimate CollectionAlbum Chart536
ALBUMWe Too Are OneAlbum Chart1
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLES17 AgainSingles Chart27
SINGLESAngelSingles Chart23
SINGLESBeethoven (I Love To Listen To)Singles Chart25
SINGLESDon't Ask Me WhySingles Chart25
SINGLESHere Comes The Rain AgainSingles Chart8
SINGLESI Need A ManSingles Chart26
SINGLESI Saved The World TodaySingles Chart11
SINGLESIt's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)Singles Chart12
SINGLESIve Got A LifeSingles Chart14
SINGLESJuliaSingles Chart44
SINGLESLove Is A StrangerSingles Chart54
SINGLESLove Is A Stranger 91Singles Chart46
SINGLESLove Is A StrangerSingles Chart6
SINGLESMissionary ManSingles Chart31
SINGLESNever Gonna Cry AgainSingles Chart63
SINGLESRevivalSingles Chart26
SINGLESRight By Your SideSingles Chart10
SINGLESSexcrime (Nineteen Eighty Four)Singles Chart4
SINGLESShameSingles Chart41
SINGLESSisters Are Doin It For ThemselvesSingles Chart9
SINGLESSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Singles Chart2
SINGLESSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 91Singles Chart48
SINGLESThe King And Queen Of AmericaSingles Chart29
SINGLESThe Miracle Of LoveSingles Chart23
SINGLESThe WalkSingles Chart89
SINGLESThere Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)Singles Chart1
SINGLESThorn In My SideSingles Chart5
SINGLESWhen Tomorrow ComesSingles Chart30
SINGLESWhos That Girl?Singles Chart3
SINGLESWould I Lie To You?Singles Chart17
SINGLESYou Have Placed A Chill In My HeartSingles Chart16
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
ALBUMA Christmas CornucopiaAlbum Chart16
ALBUMBareAlbum Chart394
ALBUMDivaAlbum Chart17
ALBUMMedusaAlbum Chart114
ALBUMSongs Of Mass DestructionAlbum Chart7
ALBUMThe Annie Lennox CollectionAlbum Chart2
ALBUMSNostalgiaAlbum Chart (Official Chart Company)971
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLEA Whiter Shade Of PaleSingles Chart16
SINGLEColdSingles Chart26
SINGLEDark RoadSingles Chart58
SINGLEGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemenSingles Chart126
SINGLELittle BirdSingles Chart3
SINGLENo More I Love YousSingles Chart2
SINGLEPreciousSingles Chart23
SINGLEPut A Little Love In Your HeartSingles Chart28
SINGLEShining LightSingles Chart39
SINGLESingSingles Chart161
SINGLESomething So RightSingles Chart44
SINGLEUniversal ChildSingles Chart88
SINGLEWaiting In VainSingles Chart31
SINGLEWalking On Broken GlassSingles Chart8
SINGLEWhySingles Chart5
SINGLESI Put A Spell On YouSingles Chart63
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
ALBUMSVegasAlbum Chart
ALBUMSDave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysAlbum Chart50
ALBUMSDave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysAlbum Chart20
ALBUMSDave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysAlbum Chart9
ALBUMSDave Stewart And The Spiritual CowboysAlbum Chart38
ALBUMSLily Was HereAlbum Chart35
ALBUMSSuperheavyAlbum Chart13
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLESHeart Of StoneSingles Chart36
SINGLESOld Habits Die HardSingles Chart45
SINGLESJack TalkingSingles Chart69
SINGLESLove ShinesSingles Chart88
SINGLESPossessedSingles Chart32
SINGLESSheSingles Chart43
SINGLESWalk Into The WindSingles Chart65
SINGLESLily Was HereSingles Chart6
SINGLESMiracle WorkerSingles Chart136