Eurythmics – The Tourists – Dave Stewart – Annie Lennox Chart Information For France

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FormatTitleChartPositionYear End

FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
ALBUMBe Yourself TonightAlbum Chart20
ALBUMGreatest HitsSNEP Albums Chart1
ALBUMPeaceSNEP Albums Chart6
ALBUMRevengeSNEP Albums Chart1225
ALBUMSavageSNEP Albums Chart2676
ALBUMSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Album Chart4
ALBUMTouchAlbum Chart20
ALBUMThe Ultimate CollectionSNEP Albums Chart17
ALBUMWe Too Are OneAlbum Chart11
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLES17 AgainSingles Chart86
SINGLESAngelSingles Chart73
SINGLESBeethoven (I Love To Listen To)Singles Chart74
SINGLESDon't Ask Me WhySingles Chart45
SINGLESHere Comes The Rain AgainSingles Chart33
SINGLESI Saved The World TodaySingles Chart4
SINGLESIt's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)Singles Chart17
SINGLESLove Is A StrangerSingles Chart51
SINGLESMissionary ManSingles Chart74
SINGLESRevivalSingles Chart46
SINGLESSexcrime (Nineteen Eighty Four)Singles Chart7
SINGLESShameSingles Chart36
SINGLESSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Singles Chart9
SINGLESThe King And Queen Of AmericaSingles Chart98
SINGLESThe Miracle Of LoveSingles Chart16
SINGLESThere Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)Singles Chart8
SINGLESThorn In My SideSingles Chart64
SINGLESWhen Tomorrow ComesSingles Chart57
SINGLESWhos That Girl?Singles Chart2
SINGLESWould I Lie To You?Singles Chart41
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
ALBUMBareSNEP Album Chart34
ALBUMDivaSNEP Album Chart48
ALBUMMedusaSNEP Album Chart557
ALBUMSongs Of Mass DestructionAlbum Chart28
ALBUMThe Annie Lennox CollectionCompilation Album Chart21
ALBUMSNostalgiaAlbum Chart (Official)75
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLEA Whiter Shade Of PaleSNEP Singles Chart17
SINGLELittle BirdSingles Chart10
SINGLENo More I Love YousSNEP Singles Chart13
SINGLESI Put A Spell On YouSingles Chart35
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
FormatTitleChartPositionYear End
SINGLESLily Was HereSNEP Singles Chart13