Annie Lennox : 100 BEAUTIFUL SONGS

Number 4 : Cold by Annie Lennox from Diva in 1992

Cold – It’s the color of crystal, Annie sings, and it’s an immersive delight from Diva. As one of the album’s five singles, it has a special place in the history of that career-defining album. Interestingly, despite a huge record-company push with a release of three special CD singles (labeled Cold, Colder and Coldest) that featured the song and nine live tracks, the song was never a major hit, reaching only No. 26 in the UK. Fans, clearly, give it a higher ranking, and it’s always a crowd pleaser when Annie performs it live.

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come to me
do and be done with me
(cold cold cold)
don’t I exist for you
don’t I still live for you
(cold cold cold)
everything I possess
given with tenderness
wrapped in a ribbon of glass
time it may take us but God only knows
how I’ve paid for those things in the past

dying is easy it’s living that scares me to death
icould be so content hearing the sound of your breath
cold is the color of crystal the snowlight
that falls from the heavenly skies
catch me and let me dive under under
for I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

i want to be with you baby
slip me inside of your heart
don’t I belong to you baby
don’t you know that nothing can tear us apart
come on now come on now come on now
telling you that
iloved you right from the start…
but the more I want you the less I get
ain’t that just the way things are…

winter has frozen us
let love take hold of us
(cold cold cold)
now we are shivering
blue ice is glittering
(cold cold cold)

cold is the colour of crystal the snowlight
that falls from the heavenly skies
catch me and let me dive under
for I want to swim in the pools of your eyes

It was a bit difficult selecting something for my No. 1, as I’m sure it was for everyone who made up a list, and it came down to The Best Of You and something off of Diva, my other selection being Money Can’t Buy It.

Cold has staying power for me, and is a track with real theater to it, it works in a similar way to certain ABBA songs for me and I draw comparisons specifically to Should I Laugh Or Cry.  It’s a song where the instruments flare with the story and emotions and subject is describing about her situation and partner, and Cold does it in a very similar way, unlike any of Annie’s songs I can’t think of another where the music is so intricately tied to the emotions the subject puts across. 

In every shift of the instruments, every belt of the vocal from Annie, you can feel the hurt coming through, flares of anger and the rock bottom of a cold, cold canyon.  And all behind such a good riff.  Cold also contains some of my favorite lyrics she’s ever written, “Dying is easy, it’s living that scares me to death”, I truly never not find myself fascinated by this song, and whilst I do love the main hits from Diva, it’s Cold that will tug at me poetically every time, for me this is truly one of Annie’s highlights in songwriting.

– Cameron Scott


So today I am featuring a highly collectable item that hasn’t even reach our discography yet.  In Japan the 3 CD set of Cold, Colder and Coldest has always been collectable, along with a promo set, however, recently discovered is this 12 track cassette promo of the CD set.

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Today we have a selection of press releases, adverts and a UK counter stand that housed the 3 different CD Singles


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