2003-03-20 Annie Lennox - Bare - The Forum - London - The UK


Pre Tour Warm Up

Artist : Annie Lennox

Date : 2003-03-20

Tour Name : Bare

Country : The UK

Town : London

Venue : The Forum







Carley Fowler - E-Group"She was wearing black suit trousers with gold buttons down the lower sides, black boots, and a gorgeous brown dress over the top with gold sequins all over it, and a leather jacket, she had very short bleached hair with a black tea cosy hat pulled down to one side! (to her left) the hat came off towards the end, and she changed once into a silver vest top! She looked amazing, hardly any make up, she looked very svelt but also healthy.

I got someone to throw me her set list so i could tell you all what songs she did. In this order:
01 - Money can't buy it
02 - Legend in my living room
03 - Little bird
04 - 1,000 beautiful things
05 - No more i love you's
06 - Walking on broken glass
07 - Pavement cracks
08 - Honestly
09 - Cold
10 - Here comes the rain again (piano)
11 - Sisters are doin' it for themselves (piano)
12 - Who's that girl
13 - You've place a chill in my heart (acoustic)
14 - Don't let it bring you down
15 - Wonderful
16 - Bitter pill
17 - Would I lie to you
- then she went off stage but came back on and did:
18 - Why
19 - Missionary man
20 - I need a man
21 - Sweet dreams!

[...] Here comes the rain was done on a tiny grand piano, while they brought it on, annie spoke to the audience and asked us all to give a thought to the soldiers fighting the war, and then she asked if anyone knew her? i think it was ment to be a joke because she then admitted that she was no good at jokes!!and she rolled around on the floor in the middle of 'would i lie to you'just like in the video!!

The new stuff sounds amazing, [...] the guy i met there has been to the studio to hear the final version and he loved it, he also met her while he was there and said she was lovely! (of course!) i get the feeling that some of its quite rocky, i have to say i loved 'Honestly' it was really powerful! Also while she was singing, there were images of her on the screen behind her, but the most powerful bit was when she sang 'why' the screen had these words running across: 'I wish i had the power to stop war, old age abandonment, child abuse, domestic violence, racism, intolerance of religious belief systems, abuse of women (both physical and mental), child abandonment. (loads more but i can't remember) then it said, 'and on and on and on and on - for ages until the song finished!

She truely is a gift from god tho' it was amazing - she has the voice of an angel!!! i can honestly say it was the best night i've ever had in my life!!!" (C.Fowler)


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