The 2018 Ultimate Eurythmics Advent Calendar
#XMAS101 #POLL101

Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed this year, too many to mention everyone, but particular thanks to Dan, Ian & Mark.

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Dave Stewart Poll 101 Image
001 Here Comes the Rain Again
002 Love Is A Stranger
003 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This
004 You Have Placed A Chill
005 Whos That Girl
006 Beethoven I Love to Listen To
007 The Walk
008 Dont Ask Me Why
009 No Fear No Hate No Pain
010 Its Alright Babys Coming Back
011 I Love You Like A Ball And Chain
012 Missionary Man
013 Would I Lie To You
014 Thorn In My Side
015 There Must Be An Angel Playing With My Heart
016 Shame
017 Sexcrime Nineteen Eighty Four
018 I Could Give You A Mirror
019 Savage
20 Julia
021 Jennifer
022 Never Gonna Cry Again
023 When Tomorrow Comes
024 I Saved The World Today
025 This City Never Sleeps