The Ultimate Eurythmics 2020 ADVENT CALENDAR

Well, we thought we’d surprise you with a little Advent Calendar as 2020 has been so miserable for many, here’s a little bit of cheer! There’s going to be a few competitions along the way as well, with some great prizes, and hopefully some things that are new to you. This site is the work of many peeps, who help to crop images and collate information to help make my life easier, so a huge thank you to the pixies that help out here. Wishing you all a peaceful, and this year especially, a very healthy Christmas.

Since 1987, the biggest and brightest voices in the recording industry have generously lent their time and talents to Special Olympics to create the A Very Special Christmas albums. The grants generated by these albums have impacted Special Olympics Programs around the world, Eurythmics recorded their own version of Walking In A Winter Wonderland which has become one of the most played Holiday songs in the USA.

Throughout his short life, artist and activist Keith Haring (1958-1990) remained committed to making his artwork available to as wide an audience as possible. The untitled image of a mother and child appeared on the first A Very Special Christmas album. The iconic image has become synonymous with the albums and the mission of Special Olympics.

Click the door once, and wait a couple of seconds for the secrets to be revealed!

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