The Eurythmics Thorn In My Side Houston Mix Puzzle Finally Solved

Amongst collectors there has always been an unanswered question about the 12″ Single issued in the UK for the Eurythmics single Thorn In My Side.  There are 2 editions of the 12″ single pressed, both with the catalogue number DAT8.  One sleeve clearly indicates the extended mix, while  a second sleeve adds information that the mix was recorded in Houston on the 16th August 1986 between 3pm and 7pm during the Revenge Tour of America.

We’ve included the scans of the backs of both of the singles below so you can see exactly what we are talking about.

The query that most fans has, is the Houston Mix a different version of the, extended mix, well at this point, the 2 12″ singles pictured above, play exactly the same version of The Extended mix, and it is not what most people consider as being the Houston Mix.


Here’s the 2 version of the track for you to listen to, the original 12″ Extended version,

[audio:|titles=thorn in my side – extended]


and the Houston Mix.

[audio:|titles=Eurythmics Thorn in my side – houston mix]


Further confusion is added when you consider these 2 German and Italian 12″ singles that were issued under the catalogue number PT40900.  The back of the 1st, German, single is similar to the first UK 12″ on the left above, however it has been stickered over with the same information that is on the second sleeve on the right.  We’ve carefully removed the label and they can both be seen in the image below, and not surprisingly, the extended mix is the same track once again.  The Italian promotional 12″ single has no mention at all of the track being recorded in Houston, and is simply labelled as The Extended mix.


So where have the origins of this Houston Mix originated from, well finally, I can reveal having recently added this item into my collection, the Houston Mix of Thorn In My Side is taken from the UK whitelabel promo 12″ pictured below.


The records run off may be the only clue that this is the Houston Mix – The following items can be found inscribed on the run off:



Whereas on the first UK 12″ single, the following appears:

DAT-8A3,  D and JA
DAT-8B1, D, AM


and the UK 12″ marked as recorded in Houston the following appears:



So there we have it, looking at the inscribings above, it would seem that there were several A sides considered, DAT8A2, DAT8A3 and DAT8A4.  Maybe the Houston Mix was meant to be on the issued 12″ singles, but something went wrong in the factory, no doubt there was more than one master made, there often were, but we can safely now say for collectors, if you want to own the real Houston Mix on 12″, you will need to find the UK 12″ Whitelabel promo and make sure it has the matrix number above etched into the run off.