The Album

I Got Love (Featuring Joss Stone)

This is a song about knowing you are loved by someone in the present but not able to break the ties from past hurt.


Just Another Fall (Duet with Diane Birch)

This song is about the disappointments coming one-by-one when a relationship crumbles.


A Different Man Now

I was writing about a specific person and how just by seeing their name on a poster triggered a whole series of memories.


Drowning In The Blues (Duet with Alison Krauss)

A love song to a stranger–someone to hold and comfort you or me in times of hopelessness.


Girl In A Catsuit

A song about the craziness of being a performing artist and the emotional circus it causes in your brain.


Slow Motion Addict No. 2

It’s basically a song about sex…


You Took My Love

This is a song about being a man and admitting that sometimes you want to cry your eyes out.


God Only Knows You Now (Duet with Jessie Baylin)

A song about someone who is so lost in a haze of emotional problems and drugs, etc. yet carries on performing on stage even though they can’t feel it anymore.


The Ringmaster General

It’s a song where I’m looking at myself like a modern day medicine man or circus ringmaster. I was using Fellini imagery from movies La Strada and The Clowns, etc. I see my life like this.


Story Of Success

This is a song about the banality of the world we live in bombarded with random images and stories from all sorts of media the scramble our brain and how I’m running away from that.


A New Song For Nashville

This is a tongue-in-cheek song about me being in Nashville coming from the north east of England and being cheeky enough to write a country song, I imagined the cover of Dylan’s album Nashville Skyline while I was singing it.