Superheavy: The Band

Find out about the 5 members of SuperHeavy


Joss Stone was a lover of soul music since a young girl, Stone is known for deep throaty vocals, soulful renditions and barefoot performances.


At the age of 16, Stone released her debut album, The Soul Sessions, a collection of covers she produced in just four days. The record reached the top 5 in the U.K. and the top 40 on the U.S. Billboard Chart. The singer followed her debut with 2004’s Mind, Body & Soul, a body of original work that was an even bigger success than the first. In 2005, Stone won two Brit Awards and was nominated for three Grammys.


Stone enjoyed continued success with her next effort, 2007’s Introducing Joss Stone, which went gold in the United States. Colour Me Free!, released in 2009, failed to make as big of an impression as her earlier work. According to some reports, Stone was having creative differences with her record label EMI.


Branching out on her own, Stone launched the Stone’d Records label in 2010 and is gearing up for the release of her first album, LP1, on her own label at the end of July 2011.




Damian Marley was oOnly two years old when his father, reggae legend Bob Marley died, Damian Marley has explored his musical roots to become of today’s hottest performers. He is nicknamed “Jr. Gong,” which comes from his father who was known as “Tuff Gong.”


Marley started his own journey in the music business at an early age. As a teenager, he performed with the Shepherds, before eventually decided to strike out on his own. He worked with his older brother Stephen on his first album, Mr. Marley (1996). The two co-wrote many of the album’s tracks together. Embracing his musical ancestry, Marley announced to the world “Me Name Jr. Gong.”


Damian’s real commercial breakthrough came from the single “Welcome to Jamrock” released in 2004 by Tuff Gong. Tuff Gong is an independent record label started by Bob Marley in the mid-1960s and is still in the control of the Marley family. The success of the single led to a bidding war for Damian’s next album, and he decided to sign with Universal.


In 2005, Damian put out his biggest album to date. Welcome to Jamrock which reached the top or near the top of all of the charts for those genres. Another testament to its universality was its success on the Billboard Top 200 album, reaching as high as the number 7 spot. The title track earned Damian another Grammy Award—this time for Best Urban/Alternative Performance.



Dave Stewart is one of the most respected and trusted people in the music industry today. A prodigious producer of music, film and photography he is the “musician’s musician”, an all-round multi-media entrepreneur and, in Bob Dylan’s words, “a fearless innovator”.


Dave Stewart’s career spans the last 25 years, having achieved over 75 million album sales with Eurythmics’ partner Annie Lennox. In 1999, the duo were honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Brits. Stewart is also known as one of the most prestigious British record producers, working with the biggest names in the music industry worldwide. Dave has won Best Producer four times, as well as numerous Grammys, MTV and Best British Songwriter award 5 times.


Along with close friend Mick Jagger Dave along with long time collaborator Mick Jagger wrote and produced the Score for Charles Shyer’s movie Alfie starring Jude Law they won a Golden Globe for best original song as well as USA film critics award and World Music Soundtrack award.


Most recently, Dave Stewart has been heavily involved in bringing the musical version of the Bruce joel Rubin film Ghost to the stage in London’s West End, has released his own solo album recorded in Nashville called The Blackbird Diaries, Co-Written and produced Stevie Nicks’s latest solo album in Your Dreams, and has done the same on Joss Stone’s forthcoming album LP1.



Mick Jagger loved to sing as a child and sang in the church choir. Aged 19, Jagger began to perform as a singer at a London club, The Firehouse. Sharing a love of rhythm and blues music, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards moved into a Chelsea flat together with Brian Jones, where The Rolling Stones was conceived.


Jagger now controls the band’s business affairs, along with his friend Rupert Löwenstein. The band continues to perform, decades after their formation and Jagger continues to court controversy. On their 2005 album, A Bigger Bang, the singer openly attacks George W. Bush on the song ‘Sweet Neo Con’.


Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart have worked together on numerous occasions in the past, they wrote and produced the Score for Charles Shyer’s movie Alfie starring Jude Law they won a Golden Globe for best original song as well as USA film critics award and World Music Soundtrack award.




AR Rahman holds the credit for totally overhauling the style in which music was being made in India. Though with a career spanning just over a decade, Rahman has already sold over one hundred million records world-wide and more than two hundred million cassettes. This has brought AR Rahman into the category of the world’s top 25 all-time top selling recording artists.


The life history of AR Rahman’s music career started scaling upwards 1991 onwards when began his own studio and started making music for advertisements, television channels and so on. Rahman got his very first break into the Indian film industry when film director, Mani Ratnam offered him a chance to compose music for his Tamil film, Roja at mere Rs 25,000. This movie turned out to be blockbuster hit and then there was no looking back for A.R. Rahman.


There was no looking back for AR Rahman after this as film offers just started pouring in. There are now an impressive number of music tracks created by Rahman, most famously was the soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaire.

Dave Stewart and AR Rahman have worked together before on a film project that was due to be called Street Dancing, along with Factory Girls, Cindy Gomez and Ann Marie Calhoun.