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3472 – Eurythmics – Radio And TV Shows – Westwood – In Concert – USA – Promo LP – IC-85-13

Westwood - In Concert

Artist : Eurythmics - Radio And TV Shows
Format : LP
Country of release : USA
Catalogue No. : IC-85-13

Record Information

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Artist Eurythmics - Radio And TV Shows
Title Westwood - In Concert
Format LP
Catalogue No. IC-85-13
Record Label Westwood One Radio Networks
Release Date 1985/06
Country USA
Promo Yes
Notes US Radio Show - Eurythmics and John ParrLive concert radio show - aired June, 1985. All tracks are live versions.

Several tracks are incorrectly titled on cue sheet.
"Power of Imagination" = "I've got an Angel"
"All i Want" = "The Walk"
"Never Gunna Cry" = "Never gonna cry Again"
"Too Many People" = "This City Never Sleeps"
"Waitin' All Night" = "Invisible Hands"

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