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0484 – Eurythmics – Bootlegs – Love Is A Stranger. – None – CD – OB007

Love Is A Stranger.

Artist : Eurythmics - Bootlegs
Format : CD
Country of release : None
Catalogue No. : OB007

Record Information

Database ID
Artist Eurythmics - Bootlegs
Title Love Is A Stranger.
Format CD
Catalogue No. OB007
Record Label Observation
Release Date 1982/09
Country None
Promo No
Notes Recorded At Paradise Theatre Boston 1985. Many of the songs are incorrectly titled. The track listing in the table are the correct titles, below are the titles as presented on the CD. The CD also has Somebody Told Me as the last song but isn't separated on the CD from Love Is A Stranger.

Power Of Imagination
All I Want
Never Gonna Cry
Too Many People
Sweet Dreams
Waiting All Night
Love Is A Stranger

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