Attention, your attention, please

I am authorized to say that the action we are now reporting is the publication of a new document from The Minitrue.

Here is the newsflash

The Minitrue are pleased with your “bellyfeel” for Poll 101.

The Thought Police have been working to capture all of your inner thoughts which have now been processed and combined and has brought the Poll 101 to a natural conclusion.

A new publication has this moment been created,

Times 299 megabytes, current day order, 2019, Times 227 pages, verified, ready to print.

Verified ready to explore. Verified results.

This 227 page epic is a collection of all the results, some fun statistics and the comments from everyone that took part.

Please note this is a PDF file and is just under 300MB in size.

The admins of #Poll101 would like to send a huge thank you to all of the voters and commenters. It has been astounding and joyful to see how Eurythmics and their music have touched each one of us, marking important milestones in our lives, comforting and consoling us, giving us courage, even defining who we are. Thank you for filling this project with so much love and personal reflection.

This document celebrates the story of all of YOU and the wonderful ways in which these songs have shaped your lives.

And of course, thank you to Dave and Annie. All of these memories, all of this love, all of this strength, all of this connection, all of this wonder is thanks to the magic you created.

Thank you for the color picture in our minds.