Tony Cousins

Studio Engineer on Bare

Tony Cousins | Mastering Engineer Having worked at The Townhouse since its opening in 1978, Tony joined Metropolis in 1993 where he was instrumental in helping to create Metropolis Mastering. The team's ethos of combining the best of British talent with the latest technical innovation as well as a proper working environment has proved to be not only successful but also much imitated. As an advocate of client involvement at the mastering stage he believes that Metropolis Mastering aims to provide everything that it should, with an eye wide open to the future. "The object of mastering is to retain the integrity of the music and enhance it, if possible or desirable. Often the excitement or atmosphere created while mixing does not travel to another location. Mastering can help restore it. It helps enormously to work with those originally involved, because they can aid in the unravelling of any difficulties encountered." Tony's most recent credits include Robbie Williams, George Michael, Peter Gabriel, Moloko and Richard Ashcroft. Internationally, Tony has worked with artists including Presuntos Implicados, Celtas Cortos from Spain, Eric Serra, Carla Bruni, Henri Salvador, Helene Segara, Arthur H and Imuvrini from France and Pedro Abrunhosa from Portugal.

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