Thunder Jockeys

Thunder Jockeys were credited for the design of the 12" Remix of Angel featuring the Sweet Dreams remix by Dave Angel.

The Thunder Jockeys were a design team consisting of 2 members, Graham Elliott & John England. While studying for a Masters in Illustration at the Royal College of Art in London, Swatch ran a “Time and Motion” art competition. It was an opportunity to make a short film, so I teamed up with John England, a fellow student, who knew how to shoot and edit. We became the “ThunderJockeys,” with a mission to “shake things up.” We made the short film “Time Waltz,” a kind of punk, time travel performance piece. The show involved dumping 5 tons of sand on the floor of the college canteen. The kitchen staff went on strike, but we won first prize. It was an early, defining project, setting the wild tone of ThunderJockeys Inc. and a five-year collaboration.

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