The Wilsons

Dave is credited as co-writer, producer and for guitars on The Wilsons self titled album

The daughters of Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson and his ex-wife Marilyn (formerly of the Honeys ) and John Phillips and Michelle Phillips of the Mamas And The Papas , this trio proved that they were up to the task of following those famous footsteps by scoring three number 1 singles in the US charts, with "Hold On", "Release Me" and "You're In Love', plus a US number 2 album at their first attempt. The girls, Chynna Phillips (b. Gilliam Chynna Phillips, 12 February 1968, Los Angeles, California, USA) and the Wilson sisters, Wendy (b. 16 October 1969, Los Angeles, California, USA) and Carnie (b. 29 April 1968, Los Angeles, California, USA), were all in their early twenties when they released their self-titled debut album on the newly-formed SBK Records in early 1990, although they had known each other and even sung together since early childhood. While they received moral support from their parents, the trio deliberately shied away from asking for musical assistance. Their debut was hugely successful, going on to sell in excess of five million copies. The follow-up, Shadows And Light , shot into the US bestsellers list in the first week of release. Featuring a tougher sounding production, the album addressed the problems suffered by the girls as children, citing the stress caused by their respective fathers" over-indulgences. Both Brian Wilson and John Phillips would have benefitted from listening to the lyrics to "Flesh And Blood" and "Would You Fly All The Way From New York". Wilson Phillips broke up towards the end of 1992. As Carnie And Wendy Wilson, the sisters released the dreadful Hey Santa! late in 1993 while Phillips started a solo career. The Wilson sisters successfully patched up their relationship with their estranged father, and he participated in the recording of a 1997 album released as the Wilsons. In 2000, the Wilsons were performing regularly with Al Jardine and his two sons as Beach Boys, Family And Friends. In 2003, Carnie posed for Playboy magazine following a drastic weight loss regime. She teamed up with her sister and Chynna Phillips the same year to record a glossy new Wilson Phillips album of cover versions, California . Brian Wilson appeared on a version of his "In My Room" but could not save the record from lapsing into blandness, leaving the listener wanting to play the original versions of such classics as "Turn! Turn! Turn!", the Eagles ' "Already Gone" and an up-tempo "Monday, Monday".

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