Steve Barney

Steve Barney is a Norfolk born drummer currently living in Liverpool, UK who plays with a solid, groove based feel. He gives himself to any style while maintaining his own identity and character. His many years of drumming has led him to a very wide range of styles with varied and extensive experience of live, studio and television performances as part of a band and as independant session work. Artists He has worked with artists including Jeff Beck, Annie Lennox, Atomic Kitten, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Roger Waters, John McLaughlin, Paul Rodgers, Rosie Ribbons, Tunde (Lighthouse Family), Siobhan Donaghy (Ex-Sugarbabes), Tony Iommi, Apollo 440, Jamie Benson, Sebastian Rogers, Bullyrag, Mushtaq, Sizer Barker, Ryad, Jamie Scott & The Neutrinos. Producers And worked with producers including Al Stone, Andy Wright, Toby Smith, Cameron McVey, Chris Hughes, Gary Langan, Phil Nicolo, Clive Martin, Jonny Cole, Bob Marlette & Marlon McVey.

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