Shakespears Sister

Siobhan Fahey was Dave Stewart's wife at the time, and her project with Marcella Detroit saw Dave work with them under a pseudonym as Boo Boo Watkins or Jean Guiot and was credited on a number of Shakespears Sisters tracks. Dave also performed at their live set at Glastonbury and in Russia. When Siobhan and Marcella split up, Dave was credited as himself on some of the subsequent released such as I Can Drive as song writer and producer.

Comprised of Siobhan Fahey and Marcella Detroit (born Marcy Levy), Shakespear's Sister formed in late 1988. Fahey had several hits as a member of Bananarama, and Levy was the backup vocalist for Eric Clapton in the late '70s. After their first single flopped, Shakespeare's Sister's second single, "You're History," made it into the U.K. Top Ten. Sacred Heart, their 1989 debut, also made it into the Top Ten. Most of the material on Sacred Heart and the 1991 follow-up Hormonally Yours was written with producer Richard Feldman, who gave the band a polished, synth-laden R&B feel, along the lines of the Eurythmics. "Stay," the first single from Hormonally Yours, was a Top Five hit on both sides of the Atlantic; the follow-up single, "I Don't Care," cracked the U.K. Top 20, yet failed to make the U.S. Top 40. Despite their success, the duo broke up the following year.

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