Serhii Babkin

Serhii Babkin teamed up with Dave Stewary, Boris Grebenshicov and Stevie Nicks to release the Single Face To Face in aid of the Ukraine war effort. All proceeds will go to the Global United24 initiative from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Ukrainian musician, actor, author and performer, Serhii Babkin is known throughout Ukraine as a member of the acoustic duo 5’nizza, which gained popularity fairly quickly around Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. As a solo artist, Babkin has released 13 albums and collaborated with several significant Ukrainian musicians. A native Kharkiv citizen, he was invited to be a mentor on The Voice for both Season 7 and 8 and also appeared on Dancing with the Stars, with his wife Snezhana. Together, they became one of the most beloved pairs and a favorite couple to Ukrainian viewers.

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