Sean Hurley

Sean Hurley is credited for playing bass guitar on Songs of Mass Destruction

began playing bass when I was eleven because a friend of my brother recommended I try it. I went to watch his band practice and was knocked out. I couldn't believe that these guys were actually playing music right in front of me. A few weeks later my father and I went out and got a bass and amp. The first day I had my bass, I went to my friend Mike's house. He played guitar and his brother played drums. We hacked our way through some AC/DC songs and drove his family crazy while doing it. When I hit high school I got into all kinds of music, especially jazz, blues, and soul. I began giving lessons and performing around town with older musicians. When I was sixteen I toured the US with Arlo Guthrie and realized I might be able to do this for a living. In 1992 I went to The Berklee College of Music for one semester but stopped when I was asked to tour with Arlo Guthrie again. For the next several years I played with countless musicians in many bands, networking and eventually moving to Boston in 1996. I was recording and performing with several bands when, through a friend of Matt's, I heard that Vertical Horizon needed a bass player. I got a copy of Live Stages and some demos of new songs and was knocked out. I called Ed, set up an audition and got the job! Since then it's been a lot of hard work mixed with plenty of fun playing with the guys.

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