Scott Campbell

Recording Engineer on Songs of Mass Destruction

Scott Campbell, US Media & Communications Industry Advisor: Scott is a New York City based Sector Specialist for the UK government’s Overseas Economic Development network, UK Trade & Investment. His role involves facilitating Business, Policy and Technology developments in both UK and North American markets for the Media & Communications sectors. Scott’s international business experience enables him to offer guidance to companies seeking to form strategic alliances, joint ventures and/or licensing agreements in the UK or North America. Prior to working for UKTI, Scott successfully managed a variety of Digital Media ventures over a period of 12 years between the UK & US. Projects included launching Liquid Audio in Europe, the world’s first secure music delivery platform on the Internet. Walmart now uses Liquid Audio’s technology exclusively for their online music service. Scott also worked on major projects with the BBC, George Michael, Duran Duran, Virgin Radio, Abbey Road Studios and many other clients before relocating to the US to manage a venture for Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Innovations in 1998. Scott began his career as a recording engineer in the UK and worked with various artists including Annie Lennox and Simple Minds. He designed and managed a recording studio complex in Glasgow, Scotland that is now called The Brill Building.

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